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Getting PREPARED for Meat Processing…

Here’s the most unique meat smoker.  It’s the Country Smoker from TSM.

Many folks have asked us about our products for meat processing, pricing and availability etc.   There’s nothing like a slowed economy, and a tight wallet, to encourage us to shop for the best deals for taking care of your organic meats, grass fed beef, buffalo, moose, deer, etc.  You can find many of these in your Natural Food Stores. Now, even Costco is selling organic meats!  Most stores are starting to think seriously about what the American consumer is purchasing these days.  

And then of course hunting season is almost here and you probably will want to be ready with many of these same products.  You can save money and taking good care of yourself and your family by processing and packaging your own bounty! 

So, we have put almost all of our meat processing equipment on sale! And working on even more! We are hoping to keep these sales going for awhile, as long as the manufacturers don’t raise prices again.   And on the heavy items, we only have the sale price listed… we will give you the shipping quote separate from the sale, and also give you an accurate shipping quote right to your front door. There are all kinds of sales tricks… online stores are all fighting for your business.  Don’t be fooled though… sometimes free shipping is figured into the product price and it’s large enough to cover a wide range of shipping destinations. So we’ve decided to just give you a quote to your door!  We hope that will make you happy… the best price on the product and the best shipping price to YOUR door! If you ever feel any of our shipping charges seem too high…just give us a call and we will check.  

We also have Meat Mixers from three manufacturers available and on sale… from Weston, LEM, and TSM.  There are small ones from 20lb to 50 lbs, and then there is the  LEM 25 LB Stainless Steel Tilting Meat Mixers.  Talk about making a job much easier by having the tub tilt away from the frame and actually remove it for cleaning! And with this big puppy you can attach it to an LEM Commercial Grinder (sold separately) and have an electric meat grinder. What can be better?

Ever try sausage making?   Try it with this Sausage Stuffer from Weston… pack up to 5 lbs of meat using this all Stainless Steel Sausage stuffer with Stainless Steel Stuffing Funnels!!

We will be working more on our webstore… getting more of these products available to you at sale pricing… like Grinders, and Meat Tenderizers, and Jerky makers, etc.  
As always, we haven’t learned to read minds yet… so we depend upon feedback from you… our customers.  Tell us what you think, what you want, inquire about products you don’t see, etc.  We are always happy to answer your phone calls and emails!  We at are here to make your shopping experience a pleasure, and you will want to come back time and time again for your product needs! 

Always looking for new and better…

… that’s our theme with the store, for which we spend a lot of time on.  Quality these days is hard to come by. As you probably already know, most products come from other countries, and many are poorly made.   Then there is the cost issue…where so many companies are selling the same products, everyone lowering the price to beat out the next guy just to make a buck…. Don’t know what the answer is for the general issue, but for Homesteader’s Supply we check out as many products as we can, and then ask our customers for feedback.   As always, if you feel our price is too high or even the shipping is to high… give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Here is one recent product update on our webstore:

Boots for the farm, garden, ranch, etc…  We now carry a new brand called Reed Boots.  They are exactly like the Bogs boots we use to carry. We use them here  at Homesteaders Supply, and LOVE them!  The reason why we chose to change to Reed is that they are more readily available for immediate shipping, better prices, and they are just as well made as the other brand. And in fact, they have one improvement we have not seen in other boots… a removable ventilated insole with built-in arch!

Check out this wonderful looking Reed Mid-Calf Trail Boot (also comes in a taller version):

They are  100% waterproof!  Very comfortable, provide warmth in winter and keep your feet dry in the summer!  It has reinforced toe and heel areas. Self cleaning rubber outsole. 

Personally, I like the comfort, almost like being in slippers, but yet great traction here in Arizona summer monsoons where the farm is slick as …..   I’ll let you fill in the blank! 

Like something more aggressive, check out the Reed Force Boot …

Or for those of us wanting something shorter and less boot looking check out the Reed Romeo Slip-On:

You can see all of our boots in the Barn Yard Section.  

We would love to consider other quality products you know about and would love to see us carry. Just let us know! 

Fresh Herbs – Healthy Option within Your Reach

Upon searching the internet you sure can find so many options for taking steps to help ourselves to better health.  But how do we know what works and what doesn’t? Sometimes we just have to try some things, but I’ve found it’s best to find a good resource.   

Shoshanna at the is one great resource for natural healthy herbal solutions from improving your health to improving your recipes for cooking.  I’ve used the arrowroot powder as a thickener when making real ice cream! Some of the other herbs I’ve used as teas to calm myself after an intense day of work, and others to improve my cooking recipes, and even others just as great soothing teas. Over a year ago I interviewed Shoshanna and her mom on my radio show Beyond Sustainable and learned so much about the use of herbs, and of course about how they carefully select and purchase their products to sell to the public. 

The reason I decided to share this info with you today was because I received their catalog in the mail and read the article about making my own tinctures. I really didn’t realize how easy it was. And there are lots of how-to’s on their site and in the catalog.   Here’s a looksee onto their site… Isn’t this just inviting… Thanks Shoshanna for all you do!

Homestead Product Featured in Hobby Farms Magazine!

Hobby Farms Magazine contacted us several months ago and asked if they could feature one of our products in a spring issue. They had seen the product on our site and thought it would tie in perfectly with their spring line up of recommendations….

The Foldit Cart is the hardest working all-purpose carrier you will ever own. With the do-it-all Foldit Cart you can move up to 330 lbs. of cargo at a time, with hardly any effort. It is designed so loads are dispersed evenly over the axles. 20-inch wheels with pneumatic tires add maneuverability and stability over uneven terrain.
This amazing cart is also sold in two other models… One with a bike hitch and the other with a lawn tractor hitch! 

Be sure to check out the March Issue of Hobby Farms Magazine! 

Happy Homesteading from the Folks at Homesteader’s Supply!

Eco Mini-Pasteurizer and The Great Blue Cheese Kit!

We’re always looking for some new products that are exciting as well as functional and needed on the homestead. Jerri has hit a home run this week with a couple of new items!

New Item: FJ15 Eco Minipasteurizer

Eco Mini 3.5-Gallon Stainless Steel Pasteurizer will process 3.5 gallons/14 liters of milk to a temperature of 156 degrees F/70 degrees C in about 1 hour.  Inlet and outlet hoses fill a water bath which is sealed against any contact with the milk and which provides a constant and gentle heating function.  The water bath may be flushed with cold water to stop the heating process.  The Eco Mini model has additional insulation for a more energy saving construction.  Complete with thermometer and instructions. 120VAC.  Wt.  13.5 lbs.

Another item that is available only with Homesteader’s Supply is our new…

“The Great Blue Cheese Making Kit”

Finally, by popular demand… we have added our own Great Blue Cheese Making Kit!  But it’s not just any ol’ blue cheese… we have designed this to try your hand at making three different types:  Roquefort, Cambozola, and Camembert!   If you haven’t heard of Cambozola, it is a cross between a sweet cream type cheese and a Gorgonzola.
No frills, nothing to go to waste, the same supplies  and equipment used by professionals to make cheese are in this kit.  Everything you need is there except a rubbermaid or tupperware type plastic container with lid, which you may already have in your kitchen, this is what you’ll use as a cheese cave for this type of cheese.   And of course, you will need the milk!
We have provided 3 detailed recipes for Roquefort, Cambozola and Camembert cheeses.

Included in this kit is:
2 Camembert molds, P. Rogueforti, P Candidum, MA4002, Liquid Veggie Rennet, Liquid Calcium Chloride, 2 Ripening/drying mats, thermometer, 1 sq yard cheesecloth, and Kosher course salt.

We are very excited about this new addition because it’s been something that we’ve had requested for some time!

Please come back and leave us some feedback if you purchase either one of these great products!

Happy Homesteading!

The Folks At Homesteader’s Supply!

Increasing Humidity in the Winter

As a kid, I remember my dad filling the tank for the humidifier in the utility room. It didn’t smell all that good… blew out COLD air and was very noisy! I never understood the need for the humidifier until I was much older and in my own home. I was puzzled by the amount of static electricity I could create and wondered why my skin was so dry!

Our Chino Valley home had a wood stove and we used an old bread pan on the top of it to keep moisture in the air. I’d fill that pan several times a day, sometimes hourly, to keep enough moisture in the house. Now that we’re on the new homestead in Wisconsin, we have a humidifier built right into the duct work of the furnace. The furnace was already configured this way when we purchased the home and we’re very pleased with the lack of static in the air!

For those looking for a way to add humidity to their home that doesn’t involve plumbing and drainage to the furnace room, we have brought in a few new items to get you through the cold winter months…

 The Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier will run for 120 hours on a single tank of water when set to low using cool mist humidity.

This little unit will set to warm or cool mist and has a variable speed fan to adjust the amount of humidity you need in the air. This certainly isn’t my dad’s old humidifier with the big spinning filter belt and fan on the back!

We also added a less expensive 55 hour model as well as some very neat air purifiers. These items are located in our Healthy Home section on the site.

We’ve had quite a few requests for humidifiers and it’s an item that I never think of when looking for products for a homesteading store… but I have to say that it makes perfect sense to have a source of moisture whether you live in the city or the country!

I hope you enjoy your day and keep warm in this cold snap!

Happy Homesteading!!!!