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The Dog Ate My….. Cheese?

Jerri comes by weekly and picks up five to eight gallons of milk from our Cookie cow to make cheese for both households. Our homestead works too many jobs and she doesn’t have milk cows, so the arrangement works out well. She picks up the milk, makes colby or cheddar cheese and we share the bounty, providing both homesteads with a great food source. So, a few days ago she made this amazing wheel of cheddar cheese. It was about four inches thick and about seven inches wide at the center of the wheel. She was so excited about how well it had turned out that she called bragging and explained that I could swing by and pick up some in a day or two when it was finished drying.
Well, this morning (the typical drop off cheese / pick up milk day) the phone starts ringing and I figure it was milk swap time. I answer it to hear… 
“I’m so bummed….Do you remember the old adage ‘The dog ate my homework?'”
“What?” I asked trying to follow the conversation..
“You know… the dog ate my homework…. well, I have a new one for you… the dog ate my cheese!” She says, thinking this will clarify things for me. My silence must have hinting to my ongoing confusion, so she continued, “I went into the kitchen to cut and wrap up the cheese so I could bring you some when I picked up milk and all I found was the cheese cloth on the tile floor. So, I’m looking everywhere wondering ‘where is the cheese?’… I can’t image that the dog ate an entire wheel of cheese!” She explains. 
Now lights are starting to go off… the cheddar cheese that she’d bragged about a couple of days ago. Well, I start laughing because all I hear in my head is that old lady saying ‘WHERE’S THE BEEF?’ in the Wendy’s commercials from the eighties.
Jerri continues her story over the phone, “So, I’m looking all over the house wondering where’s the cheese… looking for some sort of evidence… tiny cheese crumbles… anything. Finally, I look over to the couch and see the leg blanket crumpled up in the corner. Now I know I had folded it up on top of the couch last night. I walked over and lifted the blanket off the couch and here’s this small hidden chunk of chewed on cheese!”
Now I’m really laughing! The dog was saving it for a snack!
Jerri sighs and then continues into the phone, “So, I won’t be bringing cheese over today, but I do need more milk.”
Ah, life on a homestead. Could have been worse I suppose… she could have been thawing rib-eye steaks! Here’s the picture she sent just a few minutes ago… a recreation of the events!!! See the cheese piece by the stuffed donkey… LOL

Aging Homemade Cheese…

If you make home made colby or cheddar cheese, how do you store it for aging? Many people put it in a cheese box, simply an old fridge that they kick on once and a while to keep it 45 to 50 degrees. I used to wax the cheese we made and store it in the milk fridge for aging and it worked great except I don’t care for sharp cheese. Now, I wrap and freeze extra cheese to keep it mild. We had a customer ask if cheese still aged in the freezer. I haven’t noticed any aging or ripening action in frozen cheese, but thought I would ask all of you…

“Does cheese continue to age once frozen?”

Looking forward to your responses!!!

Have you ever made fresh cheddar cheese???

Fresh cheese, made from raw cow’s milk is about one of my all time favorite foods. I like to take the curds from a cheddar cheese recipe, stir in a couple of tablespoons of crushed red pepper and once aged a bit – it makes the BEST cheese crisps you’ve ever eaten!!!

Homesteader’s Supply has put together a few products that will enable you to make your favorite variety of cheese. When added together, it’s over a $30.00 value of savings! In addition to the amazing book of cheese recipes – you can see the recipes for Cheddar, Colby and cultured butter on our website!

Here is a cheese making kit for the serious beginner, or the experienced cheese maker. It includes all the cheese making products you will need to make a superb cheese from the soft like Cream cheese, Sour cream, Quark, Cottage cheese, Fromage blanc, Chevre frais, St-Maure, Valencay, and even Cultured butter, to semi-soft like Brick, Jack, Farmers, Limburger, Camembert, Brie, Blue cheese, Gouda, Edam, Havarti , to the hard cheeses like Mozarella, Parmesan, Romano,Provolone, Emmenthaler, Gruyere, and Swiss.

We have even included the wax for aging your cheese. Most important because cheese making really is a science as well as a culinary art is the best book. At Homesteader’s Supply we have used many of the books, but this one is great by far for an all around how-to, and why, and trouble-shooting.

This kit includes:
One Tome Mold and Follower
One Italian Crotenase Mold
One Brosse Mold
2 slips of Vegetarian Rennet Tablets (20 tabs)
Mesophillic A culture 25 DCU
Thermophillic culture 50 DCU
8 oz Kosher Course Natural Salt
One Thermometer
1 sq yard 60 count Cheesecloth
1 sq yard 90 count Butter Muslin Cloth
2.1 lbs Red Food Grade Cheese Wax
1 Tub Mold Inhibitor (used prior to waxing)
The Cheese Makers Manual by Margaret Morris