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Yogotherm Yogurt Maker

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Yogotherm yogurt maker.  Use it to make Yogurt, or Kefir!

This non-electric thermos style appliance will produce 2 quart batches at a time. And you can use any yogurt culture!  This is a natural way to make Yogurt without using any electricity!  BPA Free!

The Yogotherm yogurt maker turns milk into wholesome, natural probiotic yogurt, probiotic kefir, fresh cheese or sour cream. Dairy product lovers have the opportunity to make 2 qts of their favorite product with the help of the Yogotherm Yogurt Maker and Cultures. The operation is simple and easy.

Today’s health-conscious consumers want to eat right. Not only a great source of protein and calcium, yogurt also contains live and active probiotics culture that are crucial for a healthy digestive system.
We use the Yogotherm here on the farm at Homesteader's Supply and find it a fantastic product and so easy to use.

For use:  heat milk from 165 -185 degrees. Once that temperature is reached allow the milk to cool down to 115 degrees and add yogurt culture.  Allow culture to dissolve on top of milk for a minute or two.  Then stir throughout well. Immediately pour this cultured milk into the inner bucket, secure the lid.  Place bucket into the Yogotherm, and replace it's lid.  Place your yogotherm in a warm area and allow it to incubate for 7 to 12 hours... more if you like.  The longer you incubate the yogurt the thicker it will get.  After incubation time, remove the inner pail and place it into the refrigerator until it's cold and then ready to enjoy!

Inner dimensions: 

  • Height 6-3/8 inches
  • Top diameter 6-1/2 inches
  • Bottom diameter 6-1/2 inches

Our Yogotherm includes a one pack of our Bulgarian Yogurt Culture.   Each packet makes one 2 quart batch of yogurt, but to make it go further... just add some to an ice cube tray and use 2 cubes to inoculate the next batch of yogurt. A tray will make another 5 batches of yogurt... and then you can do this reculturing about 10 times... What great value!

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Yogotherm Yogurt Maker
Yogotherm Yogurt Maker
$39.95  $34.99
Save: 12% off


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