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Yogotherm Yogurt Maker


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Yogotherm yogurt maker.  Use it to make Yogurt, or Kefir!

This non-electric thermos style appliance will produce 2 litre or quart batches at a time.

We use the Yogotherm here on the farm at Homesteader's Supply and find it a fantastic product and so easy to use.


Inner dimensions: 

  • Height 6-3/8 inches
  • Top diameter 6-1/2 inches
  • Bottom diameter? 5-3/8 inches

Our Yogotherm includes a one pack of our Bulgarian Yogurt Culture.   Each packet makes one 2 quart batch of yogurt, but to make it go further... just add some to an ice cube tray and use 2 cubes to incubate the next batch of yogurt. A tray will make another 5 batches of yogurt... and then you can do this reculturing about 10 times... What great value!

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