Pumpkin Connecticut Field Heirloom Seeds




Connecticut Field produces nice yields of 15 to 25 lb. globe shaped deep orange yellow pumpkins. Flesh is yellow, thick, coarse and stringy. Connecticut Field pumpkin is excellent for making canned pumpkin or baking pumpkin pie. The perfect shape and flat bottom come in handy for making a jack'o lantern. An heirloom pumpkin grown by the first settlers in New England. Introduced prior to 1700.

Days To Maturity: 110 - 120 days.

Botanical Name: Cucurbita moschata.

Approximately 25 seeds per packet.


Choose the sunniest and largest area in your garden. Sowing Method: Direct Sow. Plant 5 to 7 seeds outdoors in hills. Planting should be in early spring to mid-summer, 3 weeks after last frost and when soil has warmed up to at least 70 F.

  • Model: OH40

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