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Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield Heirloom


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Compact size and conical heads make this heirloom a great space-saving variety for smaller gardens. Introduced from the Isle of Jersey in the mid-1800ft.s, it was perfected by Peter Henderson, a truck gardener from New Jersey who bred its current properties. Matures in 70-80 days from seed and is resistant to yellows disease.

To top it off this is a very delicious vegetable, regarded by many as one of the best tasting cabbages.

The small two to three pound heads grow quickly and will be ready for harvesting at the beginning of summer, making Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage a great choice for succession growing. Packet Approximately 100 seeds

days To Maturity:(60-75 days) - Open pollinated Heirloom - 2-4 lb heads;

Planting: Cabbage will produce sizable heads in most soil types as long as it's well prepared. It can be direct seeded, but is most commonly handled as a transplant. Sow seeds indoors at 70F about 2 weeks before last frost date, and grow for 3-4 weeks for spring plantings/summer harvest. Early summer plantings will mature in cool fall weather. Best if planted to not mature in the heat of summer, as too much heat makes the cabbage strong tasting or even harms the plants.

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