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Squeezo Strainer and Sauce Maker - 3 Screens only


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Purchase the three (3)  screens for the
Squeezo Strainer and Sauce Maker - Now in Stainless Steel!


The Squeezo Strainer and Sauce Maker has three screens available: the standard for tomatoes and apples, the berry screen and the pumpkin screen.

Like the Squeezo parts, the Squeezo screens will fit Squeezo models 2, 3, 400TS, made by Lemra and Garden Way as well as the currrent models -- 09101 and 09142. If your Squeezo screen is more the 25 years old, we recommend you call to verify the size.


The Standard Screen that is included with the Squeezo has 1/16" holes and is perfect for making tomato sauce and fine applesauce.

The fine-meshed Berry Screen has 3/64" holes and separates all but the tiniest seeds.

The Pumpkin Screen has 1/8" holes and is great for pureeing fibrous vegetables like pumpkins, squash and potatoes and making a coarser applesauce.

(If you already have the standard Squeezo which comes with the tomato/apple screen, and just want the two additional screens - the berry and pumpkin screen  -  click here to order the two screens only)



Made in the USA!  And free shipping to the lower 48 states!

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  • Model: 04001b
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