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Now reap the benefits of preserving your food the natural way with our Pickle-Pro!  Yes you can make Pickles and Sauerkraut, that is just the start. Lacto-Ferment all your veggies and fruits in to delicious foods which are better for your health.

This half gallon sized Pickle-Pro, made in the USA by Homesteader's Supply, comes all ready to use along with a Free Recipe. Glass jar with a food-grade plastic lid set up with the 3 piece airlock.  We use the 3 piece airlock specifically because it is easier to clean than other airlocks.  It  comes in two popular sizes: half-gallon and one gallon. We chose glass because it can be cleaned easier, won't absorb food and fermenting odors, and no chemicals from plastic will be absorbed into your organic food. The plastic lid was necessary because the fermenting process will rust metals. Therefore we do have a food grade plastic lid, AND when you fill your jar as you ready to ferment, you always leave at least an inch of space between the liquid and the lid.  Therefore... unfortunately the cost of shipping is a bit high because of the weight of the glass and how well we pack it to prevent breakage.

Remember, you can lacto-ferment with a salt brine, or whey, or now with our optional  Fermenting starter culture 

  • Now these jars include access to a free CHEAT SHEET from Wardee Harmon, author of Fermenting Foods, giving you formulas for all types of ferments. FREE!

Wardeh Harmon tells us what it's all about. And if you want to know more about how to use your Pickle-Pro to preserve your foods and make them more nutritious for your enjoyment and your health, check out her online class on Lacto-Fermentation!

Additional great fermenting products:

Home Lacto-Fermention Kit for Wardee's online class!  
Our Fermenting Kit that complets complete with Pickle-Pro lids for use with canning jars, Prepper Pro for preparing your veggies such as for sauerkraut (nothing packs the jar better than this great new tool!) ,  and Wardee's fermenting book!


When you ferment or culture foods, you make them better! Fermented foods are foods that have been cultured by beneficial organisms. In the right conditions, beneficial organisms feast on the food, producing beneficial acids, and transforming the food into something better. This culturing develops complex flavors and pleasing textures, while the food becomes more nutritious than it was before. And the acids preserve and protect the food from spoiling. It is really a miraculous process!

Fermenting foods covers a lot more than sauerkraut! Did you know you can ferment fruits, vegetables, beans, meats, dairy, and grains? You can even ferment condiments like mayonnaise that you use on a daily basis. Don't be scared - these foods are so delicious!

Traditionally fermented foods contain vitamins, enzymes, and active cultures conveying benefits to your gut, your immune system, and your digestion.

You can't buy many of these true fermented foods in most grocery stores. The sauerkraut or pickles on the shelf are cooked-to-death veggies in white vinegar and are devoid of any beneficial organisms or nutrition. Sausages are pumped full of nitrates and fake flavors, rather than long fermented with beneficial organisms.

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