Holiday Message from the Owner

The Holidays at this time of the year are a time for reflection and gratitude. We appreciate your business especially knowing that many have experienced hard times this past year.

Homesteader's Supply is a home-grown venture, offering friendly customer service just like an old-fashioned store. You deserve to be treated well when you spend your money!

Our store always tries to provide the best prices on our quality products, all year round, not just Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so keep checking in for our special sales! But everyone is experiencing the delay in getting what we want. So this year, consider gifting your friends and family with Gift Certificates!  They can get what they want, and if they have to wait that gift certifcate never expires!

Shipping is always a challenge when figured by a webstore... if the charge seems high, know that we always refund the extra. Have questions or concerns, or just want to say hey...give us a call.

And one more thing, I just want to thank everyone for your patience with us...   Those who know us, know that we are always fast to call back, but this was a bit more of a challenge this past year and we apologize.  Hopefully we got back to everyone by now.  If not, call us again, or send us an email on the website contact page.  

Thank you again for your business!  We wish all of you a wonderful and safe holiday season!    jerri

Holiday Message from the Owner




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