Pepper, Serrano Chili Peppers Vegetable




Capsicum annuum. Shaped like a small jalapeno. Peppers start green, turning red when mature. Used as pickling pepper or in sauces.

SHU of 2500-4000. Untreated seeds.

Days To Maturity: 65 to 70 days

Approximately 50 seeds per packet

Planting: Start seeds indoors about 7-8 weeks before planting outside. Place seeds 1/4" deep in cells filled with good potting mix. Keep warm! Peppers germinate best at 80 degrees so provide bottom heat if possible.

Plants should receive as much sunlight as possible to prevent legginess. Transplant outdoors 12-18" apart. Keep soil evenly moist. Peppers do not tolerate drought well.

  • Model: OH55

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