Squash Golden Summer Crookneck Organic




Very popular vigorous bush squash, and a prolific cropper throughout the season. The curved, club shaped golden skinned, waited fruits have delicious buttery flavor with firm texture. Ideal for freezing.

Days To Maturity: 48 days

Approximately 35-40 seeds per packet.

Botanical Name: Cucurbita pepo

Planting: Golden Summer Crookneck squash like warm temperatures, plenty of sunlight, and a fertile, well-drained soil. Because they are quick to harvest, 'summer' squash are easy for Northerners to grow. Best germination is in warm soil (70-80F). If starting indoors, use deep peat pots so as to not disturb roots when transplanting. Sow 1/2 to 1 inch deep, thin to 24-36 inches apart. Many folks use raised rows or hills to plant the seed to avoid rotting the seed and crown. Bees and insects are critical for good pollination and fruit set.

SPECIAL CAUTION: Untreated squash seed is particularly susceptible to failure if planted in soil that is too cool or wet.

  • Model: OH62

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