Hand Crank 4 In 1 LED Flashlight & Radio


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Most Amazing Product!  4 In 1 Hand Crank LED Flashlight & Radio

We use this on the Homesteader's Supply Farm. Just amazing how simple it works, and never needs batteries. One or two easy twist of the crank and you have great light. Great for emergencies, and the little things like trying to replace the ink cartridge in the printer, which does not come with a light like the frig. 

And the radio works great, so you will be prepared for hearing the weather report with the lights go out, or just listen to some soothing music outside or in the shop. And if you get lost, just flip the alarm switch and your family will find you. And would you believe it comes with cord to plug into your cellphone ... wind the crank and charge your cell phone. ( Please note that this item will not charge Smart Phones and other newer phones that and there is no adaptor for them.)

We know that once you have one, you'll be back to buy more!


  • 3 Bright White LEDs
  • FM / AM Radio
  • Charges Cell Phones (older type phoones, not smart phones)
  • Never Change Batteries
  • Siren for Emergencies
  • Head Phone Outlet
  • 1 Minute of winding powers the flashlight for up to 90 minutes

  • Model: FL3134

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