SafGuard Milk Pasteurizer


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Two-gallon capacity Milk Pasteurizer, Thermostatic control ensures preservation of natural flavor while eliminating all harmful bacteria. The milk is heated in the inner milk container in a hot water bath to a preset temperature of approximately 158F degrees at which time a buzzer sounds. Hot water is drained off and cold water is circulated to cool the milk. 

Please note that all the pasteurizers coming now from the manufacturer have already been sold! There will not be any more of them with the stainless inner bucket available until probably late August.  There are many orders for these so if you want to reserve one and wait, then go ahead and order one. We will contact you with the tracking once it ships. We will keep this notice updated. 

Pasteurizer is constructed of 304 stainless steel.

Inner pail & lid is also 304 Stainless  

Includes; body inner pail, lid, gasket, hoses, inner pail and instructions. 110VAC

Download the manual below, see how easy this product is to use!

Made in the USA

Need extra inner pail and lid?  Can speed up the process when you have a lot to pasteurizer.


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