Milk-Kart Complete 33 Gallon


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Complete 33 Gallon Milk-Kart

The Milk Kart allows you to refill multiple Milk Bar feeders quickly and easily with no lifting or carrying buckets. Complete unit as shown includes cart, 12VDC pump, hose, dispensing nozzle, sight glass, flow meter, mixing whisk, battery and charger. Use a cordless drill, 14VDC or larger, (not included) to run the mixing whisk.

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  • 33 gallon double insulated construction keeps milk warm
  • Fitted with a flow meter to exactly measure the milk volume
  • Large diameter, heavy duty, steel rimmed wheels for easy movement over any terrain
  • Built-in brake is automatically applied when the handle is released
  • Sight glass with gradients
  • 12 VDC pump that is gentle on the milk and activated by the switch
  • 7.8 ft. hose and a valve operated nozzle that adjusts and stops the flow
  • Power whisk included for mixing milk; Use a cordless drip, 14DC or larger (not included) to run the mixing whisk
  • Dimensions:  3.3 ft long,  3.9 ft height, 2.3 ft wide 

  • Model: 265-6000

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