Funnel with Strainer for Bottles




This elegant stainless steel funnel is made with heavy duty stainless steel, featuring a longer thinner stem which fits right into narrow bottles and jar openings.  It also features  an attached hook to hang it for hands free use or as a handle.

Its removable, stainless steel mesh strainer sits easily in the opening and allows for filtering fine sediments, tannins, teas etc

This is a fantastic product to keep in your kitchen for many uses. Strains teas, coffees, wine, sauces. etc

Here at Homesteaders Supply we make healthy, fizzy Kombucha drinks with fruit flavors.  Every one has bits of fresh raw ginger along with pieces of raw organic fruit such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries (the owner's favorite!), apples, pears, peaches.  We place the ginger and fruit into the bottle, then easily pour our Kombucha Tea through this  filter/funnel into the bottles where they sit on the counter for about 4 days to ferment into a wonderfully fizzy and refreshing naturally flavored drink.

It also easily lets you decant wine the professional way and without splashing all over, allowing wine to breathe and develop stronger aromas.

Hand washing recommended.


Total height: 6.75"

Stem length:  3 "

Top opening diameter: 3"

  • Model: 242

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