SafGard Milk Pasteurizer


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Two-gallon capacity Milk Pasteurizer, Thermostatic control ensures preservation of natural flavor while eliminating all harmful bacteria. The milk is heated in the inner milk container in a hot water bath to a preset temperature of approximately 158F degrees at which time a buzzer sounds. Hot water is drained off and cold water is circulated to cool the milk. Pasteurizer is constructed of 304 stainless steel.

Inner pail & lid is also 304 Stainless   ... just so you know, this inner pail has been hit by a tariff, increasing cost of it by 25%   We have absorbed this cost for now, but we want to let our customers know how these tariffs are affecting your wallet.

Includes; body inner pail, lid, gasket, hoses, inner pail and instructions. 110VAC

Made in the USA


  • Model: P3000

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