Harvest Fruit & Wine Press from TSM 30L




Our TSM Harvest Fruit & Wine Press combines modern technology and old world tradition to create a simple and fun tool for your family, so you can now begin your own traditions. Why pay for expensive wines that are nothing more than fermented grape juice behind a brand-name label, make the type of wine that you like for a fraction of the price.

• 30L (7.9 Gallon/31.7 Qt.) capacity
• Durable solid U.S. oak wood basket
• Double cast iron handle with rubber grips for even turning
• Powder coated frame & hardware
• Instruction manual included
We provide you with one filter bag at no extra charge!  Use this filter bag to prevent skins, pulp, and other contaminants from ending up in your cider or fresh squeezed juice. Made of terylene (synthetic polyester). 1 bag. For use with all 30L fruit & wine presses only.
Flat Dimensions: 17" W x 27 1/4" H
Mesh Hole Size: 3mm (0.115")
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  • Model: 34109