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Our Ultimate Cheese Press, designed by Homesteader's Supply and manufactured here in Tennessee, also can be used as a fruit press for those wanting a smaller version, and also can be used for making hard cheeses!

Works fast and complete without the little seeds getting caught up like in a traditional mill. Place on a rack in a baking pan to collect the juice.  Use cheese cloth to easily remove skins and seeds, but not necessary. Click on the main photo and see the 2nd photo showing the release of juice from bottom of mold just as the whey is released.  Note: Berries may stain the wood and molds.

Now you can obtain the best Cheese Press available on the market today to make your own hard cheeses and press the juice from fruit! Plenty in stock, ready to ship immediately!  All Natural!  Made with beautifully grained Hard Maple sourced localled and preserved with 100% Organic, Non-GMO, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil!  Use a product actually designed specifically for hard cheesemaking, and taking advantage of the natural anti-bacterial properties of real wood and natural Coconut Oil!  And now, we've discovered that it presses the juices from fresh fruit! 

Care Instructions"  When using as a fruit press, as when using it as a cheese press, it is important to provide proper care for a long life.  Wash quickly only with warm water and mild soap, basically wiping it down with a cloth. Dry the wood immediately. Do not wash in hot water, or in dishwasher which will warp the wood.  Reapply fresh coconut or olive oil.  We use coconut oil because of it's natural antibacterial properties and will last the longest without going rancid like other oils. Note: Berries may stain the wood and molds.

Basic Dimensions:  Base approx 7" X 7" , approx 10" tall.

Dimension of Molds:   Large approx 7" tall, approx 6" wide;  Small  approx 7" tall, approx 4" wide;



See more info about the Ultimate Cheese Press and a video of how it's used.

Shipping charge applies to the lower 48 states, all other places may have additional charge... we will contact you.  Canadian customers please choose Priority Mail shipping, as we do not ship these by Canada Standard Ground.  Or contact us for info on our Canadian distributors!


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