Rennet Tablets - Vegetarian 10 tablet pack

Vegetarian Rennet Tablets - 10 tablet slip  Non-GMO!

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 Even though you might like using tablets, we have an even better rennet...  our RennPro Vegetarian Granular Rennet.  It's part of our new LyoPro line of cheese and yogurt cultures, all made in Italy and all Non-GMO!   This rennet is so much easier to use because you can measure out the exact amount you need for the amount of milk you are using... no wasting product and much better pricing than tablets.  It is known that using too much rennet can cause a bitter taste in your cheese over time.

Also, just so you know, this 10 tab slip can only make 20 lbs of cheese, (usual instructions are 1/2 tab per gallon of milk).  The cost is 11.99 with free shipping.

Our RennPro Granules has two teaspons, using 1/16 tsp for 1-3 gallons of milk (it can be hard to measure less than 1/16 tsp, but you could easily use less because of the size of the granules).  You will understand once you try out this new rennet!  Our Two tsp tub of RennPro costing only $14.50 with free shipping will allow for making  96 lbs of cheese! 

Used for coagulating milk into curds for cheese.

These tablets are made with microbial enzymes which contain no animal products. Each tablet is scored for ease of use. Use 1/2 tablet per gallon of milk.   Remember to activate the rennet before use: add the amount you will use to approx 1/8 - 1/4 cup of non-chlorinated water about 15 minutes prior to adding to your milk for cheesemaking.

These tablets will last indefinitely in the freezer and you will want to always keep rennet on hand. These rennet tables contain NO wheat starch or other gluten products. And are GMO free!

You can also save money and buy the box of 100 tablets as they will last a long time by keeping them in the freezer!


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