Reblochon Mold Set of Three


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The Reblochon  Mold with follower is used for pressing semi-hard cheeses. Works just like the Tome Mold and follower, just 1/3 of the size!  Here you get a set of 3 of them and save money!  This set makes a great addition to any cheesemakers kitchen!

Make a large batch of cheddar or colby or other favorite cheese, and separate into smaller batches to add different herbs and spices.  This way you can have 3 different flavors with one batch.

This also works well if making a small batch of cheese say from one gallon of milk that needs molding and pressing.

Or make Reblochon Cheese!

Dimensions: 5.3"  X  5.3"  X  2.6"

  • Model: W61

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