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Stainless Steel Cheese Trier or sometimes called a Cheese Tester is available in two sizes.

A cheese Trier is a clever method used for testing your cheese for flavor and texture.  This tool consists of a long, tapering cylindrical knife with a handle so that it's use is similar to a corkscrew auger. Place the blade into the wheel of cheese turn the blade to cut and pull out your sample.  Easily you can also gauge maturation and any imperfection.

Used by professional cheese makers and serious home cheesemakers!

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We carry two sizes:  Choose the one you want when adding it to your cart. As a suggestion, use the small one for a 5 lb wheel of cheese or smaller.

Smail :  5.5 inches long with 2 inch T handle and takes a 3/8 inch plug

Large:  6.5 inches in length with 3 inch handle and takes a ½ inch plug

  • Model: CT-SS

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