Watermelon, Crimson Sweet Heirloom




Most popular melon grown. Very sweet, deep red, fine textured flesh. Fruit is nearly round with a thick, tough, medium green rind that has dark green stripes. 15-30lb. size and few seeds. Crimson Sweet Watermelon great for home and the right size for the market growers. Heirloom.

Days To Maturity: 84-90

Approximately 25-30 seeds per packet.

Botanical Name: Citrullus lanatus


Watermelon requires a long hot season, and can be direct-sown in the south, but should be started indoors further north (use deep peat pots to avoid disturbing the roots at transplant time). Soil should be warm (70-85F) and evenly moist for good germination. Space approximately 18 inches apart in rows 6 feet apart. Dark mulch, weed barrier, or plastic will help warm the soil and plants for northern gardens

  • Model: OH87

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