10 pack - Genesis Survival Herb Seed Pack




Genesis Survival Herb Seed Pack
Heirloom Herb Seeds Emergency Food Pack! Non Hybrid Non GMO Seeds!

10 Varieties Heirloom Herb Seeds!
Fennel Bronze ... 100 Seeds
Oregano... 100 Seeds
Thyme Winter... 100 Seeds
Basil Genovese... 50 Seeds
Sage Broadleaf... 50 Seeds
Basil Sweet Italian... 50 seeds
Flax Common... 100 Seeds
Parsley Triple Curled... 50 Seeds
Cilantro Slow-Bolt... 100 Seeds
Dill-Dukat..... 40 Seeds

Planting Instructions Included In Individual Reusable Ziplock Seed Packets!

All 10 seed packs are heat sealed in a 8" by 12" Mylar Bag!

What does heirloom seed mean?

Genetically diverse seeds that have been passed on from generation to generation.
You grow basil...the next year you get basil from the seed!

  • Model: OH10

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