30 Pack Survival Family Vegetable Seeds





Survival Family Vegetable Seed 30 Pack™


This survival seed kit includes 30 varieties of non hybrid non GMO heirloom vegetable seeds, along with planting instructions, all in individual reusable ziplock seed packets! All 30 seed packs are heat sealed in a 8" by 12" Mylar bag!


Lettuce: Black Seeded Simpson Leaf 1.5g 400 Seeds

Southern Giant Curled Mustard Green 0.6g 100 Seeds

Large Red Cherry Tomato 0.3g 40 Seeds

Hale's Best Jumbo Cantaloupe 0.9g 25 seeds

Pak Choi White Stem Cabbage 1.1g 100 Seeds

Scarlet Nantes Carrot 1.5g 400 Seeds

Purple Top White Globe Turnip 1.2g 400 Seeds

Roma Tomato 0.3g 40 Seeds

Georgia Collards Greens 1.2g 100 Seeds

Cucumber Straight Eight 6.5g 100 Seeds

Summer Squash Black Zucchini 4.6g 35 Seeds

Spinach Bloomsdale Longstanding 11.8g 400 Seeds

Jalapeno Pepper 0.6g 50 Seeds

California Wonder Bell Pepper 0.3g 30 Seeds

Corn Golden Bantam Yellow Sweet 18.1g 60 Seeds

Rdish Cherry Belle 1.7g 120 Seeds

Watermelon Klondike Blue Ribbon 1.8g 30 Seeds

Turnip Vertus Marteau 1.4g 400 Seeds

Okra Clemson Spineless 25.6g 100 Seeds

Tomato Beefsteak 0.3g 40 Seeds

Broccoli Calabrese Sprouting 0.3g 100 Seeds

Onion Yellow Sweet Spanish 1.1g 100 Seeds

Snow Peas Dwarf White (or Gray) 21.4g 100 Seeds

Carrot Danvers 0.7g 400 Seeds

Lettuce Ice Queen 0.8g 400 Seeds

Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield 0.6g 100 Seeds

Cauliflower Snowball Self-Blanching 1.7g 200 Seeds

Bush Snap Slenderette Heirloom Green Bean 14.8g 60 Seeds

Beet Detroit Dark Red 1.6g 75 Seeds

Brussels Sprouts Long Island 0.8g 100 Seeds


Store in a cool and dry place.

  • Model: 30pk

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