Corn, Golden Bantam Yellow Sweet Corn Heirloom




This is the sweet corn that made us all fall in love with sweet corn to begin with. E.L. Coy sold two quarts of seeds to Mr. Burpee in 1900 and stated" You now own the very sweetest and richest corn ever known". Incredibly sweet, juicy corny taste from 6" ears bearing 10-14 rows of deep, buttery kernels. Good yields. As with all open pollinated sweet corn, it passes through
the milk stage quickly so check
your garden often.
Seed may be treated.

Open pollinated. Standard yellow.
2 or more ears per stalk.
Very hardy. Introduced in 1902.
Withstands adverse growing conditions.
Set the standard for sweet corn flavor.

Days To Maturity: 80

Approximately 60 seeds per packet.

Botanical Name: Zea Mays


Plant in loose, well worked soil after soil has warmed to about 65 degrees. Enrich soil well as corn is a heavy feeder. Direct sow seeds 1-1.5" deep, 5-10" apart in blocks of rows 3' apart. Keep weed free. After corn is 12" tall. thin to about every 6-8" apart. Harvest when kernels are full and still in the milk stage or let dry on the stalk for ornamental corn.

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