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LyoPro Y Tart is the newsest in our line of LyoPro yogurt cultures all manufactured in Italy and  all NON-GMO.  LyoPro Y Tart is a freeze-dried Lactic Starter Culture for yogurt that has more of a tartness like that in Bulgarian type yogurt.  Some folks prefer their yogurt this way.  This one also produces a wonderful creamy and thick texture just like our other cultures in this line.  Our suggestion: try all of our LyoPro Yogurt cultures and see which one you prefer for it's creaminess, texture, flavor and tartness!

Homesteader's Supply has tested our new line of cultures and have found them to be superior in texture and flavor... resulting in a very creamy flavorful yogurt!  And they are very concentrated... use only 1/16th tsp for up to a gallon of milk! We give you 1 teaspoon of culture so you can make 16 gallons of yogurt... or even more if you use some of your freshly made yogurt to incubate your next batch! 

We've learned that most yogurts can be made at variable thickness for your preference.  Some cultures turn out a thinner version that some folks love to drink. And some come out a bit thicker.  But know that you can create the thickness you like by just placing it into a cheesecloth colander on top of a large bowl and allow it to drain some of the whey until you have the thickness you desire, 1 to 6 hrs.  6hrs will probably allow your spoon to stand up straight!  Great way to make chocolate pudding... make thick yogurt and then mix in some chocolate protein powder! Healthy alternative!

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Ingredients: Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus. Carrier: Dextrose (Note: cultures may contain the same ingredients except the amount of each one may be more or less than the other and thus creates a different flavor)

Yogurt Instructions:  heat milk from 165 -185 degrees. Once that temperature is reached allow the milk to cool down to 110 degrees and add yogurt culture.  Allow culture to dissolve on top of milk for a minute or two. (if stored in the freezer, allow it to come to room temperature first, or allow it to dissolve in small amount of milk or water first, then add to you main batch of milk for yogurt.)    Then stir throughout well. Cover your pot and place it somewhere it can remain warm for about 7-12 hours. You can also store it (incubate) for even 24 hrs.  Sometimes it's suggested that the longer it's incubated it will have more of a tart flavor.   If using a Yogotherm, Immediately pour this cultured milk into the inner bucket, secure the lid.  Place bucket into the Yogotherm, and replace it's lid.  Place your yogotherm in a warm area and allow it to incubate for 7 to 12 hours... more if you like.  Once you remove the yogurt from the container it incubated in, it might be a bit thin ... all you need to do is to pour it into a cheesecloth lined colander for 1-6 hrs to allow it to drain more whey and become thicker. You decide how thick you want it! 

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