Butter Churn Hand Crank 2.5 Qt.


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Hand Butter Churn will churn 2.5 quarts of cream into fresh delicious butter in approximately 25 minutes.

Churn features a 4-to-1 gear ratio, balanced grip, steel machine-cut gears, steel frame, nylon bearings, maple wood paddles (dasher), oak handle and thick Anchor-Hocking glass jar.  Maple is a very sturdy wood and natural for this churning process.  Just oil the paddles every so often with Organic Coconut Oil to keep them seasoned and fresh.  This is how we season our Ultimate Cheese Press that we designed and manufacture here in the USA. 

Very stable, low-center of gravity design. Fully assembled and ready to use, instructions are included. 

Made in the USA!    Check out our USA made Butter Mold/Press... Fully loaded is one pound of butter, but you can even press less, just decide how much to pack into the mold!

Easy to use:  add up to 2 quarts of cream to the jar, close the lid and turn the handle until you see the yellow butter separate from the liquid.  Pour off the liquid, add some cold non-chlorinated water, close the lid and churn some more. Pour of the liquid and add add a little cold water and repeat this process a couple of time... this is called washing the butter removing the milk and helping your butter last longer without souring.  Last step is to churn a bit without adding more water, just to get all the liquid out of the butter. And yes now you have butter!

Want more flavorful butter?  Purchase some mesophilic cheese cultures, each one provides different flavor. Add a pinch of the culture to your cream, mix throughout, cover with lid and let it sit out at room temperature for a day.  Then make butter with your cream!

Another option for flavor in butter is to add salt, spices, and/herbs just after making your butter, whip the butter and then refrigerate!

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