TSM Harvest Fermenting Crock Pot, 10L



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Here is the 2.5 gallon stoneware Harvest Pot Fermenting Crock featuring a unique, traditional old world design and function. Each crock features a sumptuous, rich brown character, distinctive handles and extra large openings, making it easy to load-up the crock with vegetables for maximum yield.

Fermentation pots (also called Fermenting Crocks) have been used for hundreds of years as a way of naturally allowing foods to preserve in a salt/water brine. Homemade sauerkraut is widely recognized as an instrumental food in strengthening the immune system and general well-being. The lids on the fermentation pots are specially designed to allow the gases out without letting any spoiling oxygen in; so there is no messy surface scum to worry about.

Harvest fermenting crocks come with their corresponding 2 piece stone weight for holding vegetables in place during fermentation.

Dimensions: 13" dia x 12.88" H
Net Weight: 19.56 lbs.

Stone Weight Dimensions: 7.75" dia x 0.69" H

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  • Model: 31041

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