Easy Sprout Kit


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Homesteaders Supply has put this Easy Sprout Kit together to make it easy to start sprouting in your own home. Sprouts are a wonderful nutritional food source for you and your family. Easy to grow and so many ways to enjoy.  Great on sandwiches, in soups, snacks, etc. 

We have put 4 favorite sprouting seed packs along with an easy sprouter.  Just place some seed in each section. Fill the top section with water and watch it drip down through all the sections, collecting in the bottom section.  You can leave the water in the bottom section if you live in low humidity areas, helping to keep humidity for the seeds.  Two to 3 times a day, remove the water from the bottom section. Then add water to the top section, allowing to to drain through to the bottom.  Within a couple of days watch your seeds start to sprout. 

We give The Deluxe 4-Tray Seed Sprouter with patent pending hydrophobic irrigation system is a fast, easy and fun way to produce fresh, high-quality sprouts in the kitchen all year round.

  • Kit includes 4 stackable seed trays, 1 Drain Tray, 1 irrigation lid, 1 oz Pack of Organic Alfalfa Seeds and instruction manual.
  • Made in USA

Then we provide you 4 packages of sprouting seeds to get you started.  Later you can always purchase more varieties of seed to use with your sprouter.  All certified 100% organic seed!

  • 4 oz Alfalfa Seed
  • 4 oz Brocoli Seed
  • 4 oz Radish Seed
  • 8 oz Protein Variety Seed  (Adzuki, Garbanzo, Mung Beans & Green Pea)

  • Model: ESK4

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