Insulated Bucket Holder with Bucket


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A simple and effective water management tool. Water for your animals will stay warmer during the cold winter weather and cooler during the heat of the summer.

The body is foam-filled poly construction — solid and indestructible. Foam insulation with an R valve of 7.5 per inch fills all sides and the bottom. The most effective ultraviolet inhibitor allows years of outdoor use as well.

Our Performance One bucket holder INCLUDES a 5 gallon bucket and a heat retention cover. The animal drinks from a “well” formed into the cover. Even on the coldest days, your animal should have adequate time to consume all the water you place before it.   No more wet bedding from spilled water buckets!

Pre-formed mounting holes on an open flange allow for quick and sturdy installation on barn wall or to a back board that can be mounted to a post or rail.   This bucket holder also stands firmly on the ground as well.  Since it works with a variety of animals, your decision where to mount will depend upon the height of the animal.  All kinds of critters can make use of the insulated waterer... horses, cows, donkeys, goats, sheep... etc.

Performance One has a smooth taper to a hole in the center of the holder. This design assures total water drainage for complete and easy cleaning — no hidden standing water resulting in mosquitoes.

During the manufacture of this bucket holder, it is filled with foam, and a rigid fixture is used to evenly distribute the material. The sidewalls are smooth and the overall workmanship is superb. 

When tested at temperatures from -10 F to 20 degrees F, the after temperature did not go below 40 degrees F. 

Dimensions:   18" Wide   15" Deep   17" Overall Height  Comes in Red or Blue... choose color when placing item into cart. 

  • Model: MBH5R