Solar Ground Rodent Repeller




Solar Ground Rodent Repeller is easy to use and is not a chemical or a poison. No batteries are required! This device is completely solar powered and generates sonic waves for use with ground rodents like gophers.
  • Easy to Use
  • Not a Chemical or Poison
  • Solar Powered - No Batteries Required!
  • Even works through the night because of internal battery charged during the day!
  • Solar Ground Rodent Repeller is an electronic device that utilizes both sound and vibration in an attempt to offer you one possible alternative to chemicals in helping to control ground rodents in lawns. Rodents, in general, but especially ground rodents, have been regarded as having an acute sense of hearing. This, combined with the vibrations generated by the sound within the ground, are the main elements utilized with this unit. Neither element is constant in order to avoid the numbing effect of any constant stimulus.
  • Does have an on/off button.

At Homesteaders Supply, we have gophers that will steal the whole plant in the garden, or eat the roots of a delicious hedge or other plant... killing the plants.  This product just moves the critters on to somewhere else.. hopefully off your property... with killing them.  This product really works!!

Note:  You really don't want to use this near where humans are, as the sound will drive them crazy and they will leave too!

  • Model: 230353