Solar Ground Rodent Repeller - set of 4




Solar Powered Ground Rodent Control

This set of 4 Solar Ground Rodent Repellents is easy to use and is chemical and poison free. This completely solar powered device generates sonic waves to repel ground rodents.

  • Easy to Use
  • Not a Chemical or Poison
  • Solar Powered - No Batteries Required!

Solar Ground Rodent Repeller is an electronic device that utilizes both sound and vibration in an attempt to offer you one possible alternative to chemicals in controlling ground rodents in lawns. Rodents, in general, but especially ground rodents, have been regarded as having an acute sense of hearing. This, combined with the vibrations generated by the sound within the ground, are the main elements utilized with this unit. Neither element is constant in order to avoid the numbing effect of any constant stimulus.

  • Model: 230353