Backyard Chicken Health Pack




Backyard Chicken Health Pack

The Backyard Chicken Health Pack is designed to improve intestinal health, provide safe drinking water, and help protect poultry from worm related issues. The all natural formula supports 25 chicks for about 50 days with three water soluble health aids.
Innovative packaging makes it convenient and easy get the most comprehensive, safe and effective way to help get chicks off to a great start as well as to use in poultry and waterfowl of all ages throughout the entire year! 
Three products. Three easy steps. An all-natural wellness kit to help maintain normal digestive health and support a healthy immune system to help raise healthy birds and produce lots of eggs.
  • Oxy E-100 – Sanitizes water and helps remove biofilm to provide fresh, clean water
  • HealthyFlock Tabs – Helps maintain normal digestive health and supports a healthy immune system
  • Zyfend A – Helps support digestive health during times of environmental stress or when used monthly
Each pack contains enough of each product for 90 gallons of water.   Backyard Chicken Health Pack will last for about 130 days of healthy growth! And for less than $0.50 per gallon for all three products. No other combination of products can deliver that value!

  • Model: 20267