Heiniger XPLORER Single Speed Cordless Clipper




This Heiniger cordless clipper is equipped with lithium-ion technology, allowing for a two-hour clipping time and one-hour battery charge time.

Blades are interchangeable, making this clipper ideal for cattle and horses.  Check out the video below how these large animal clippers work.

The charger unit features an LED display indicating the current charge level on the battery.

XPLORER clipper is very powerful, ergonomic and quiet. Single-speed rotary motor runs at 2,450 double strokes per minute.


Clipper comes complete with durable hard case, recharging stand, 1 Li-Ion battery, 31-23 Heiniger blade set, screwdriver, brush, blade oil and instruction manual. 68080 “XPLORER” Rechargeable Clipper complete kit. Wt. 8.5 lbs.

  • Model: 708-403