Heated Pig Mat - Single Wide




These baby pig heat mats will save 19% on Energy Consumption.

Single wide 13.5" x 36"  (other sizes available, give us a call)

The Kane Baby Pig Heat Mat will provide a warm bed for baby pigs to lay on. The insulated heating element radiates heat to the top surface to keep your baby pigs warm. The Kane Baby Pig Heat mat is designed to maintain optimal temperature for your farrowing facilities and helps reduce stress and promote growth of your baby pigs.

  • Large heated surface provides comfortable heat for baby pigs and other animals including reptiles and domestic pets such as dogs (see below for dog house use).
  • Insulated bottom helps prevent downward heat loss.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Non-slip surface, made of high density polyethylene.
  • 110 Volt with 10' cord and 18" stainless steel spring cord protector.
  • Left or right cord configuration available.
  • Uniform warm surface 20 - 25° above air temperature.

Recommended use with pets:
Heat mats work best when mounted to the back or side of the doghouse. This allows your pet to get away from the heat if they get to hot or cozy up next to the mat on a cold night. The Kane baby pig heat mats can cause burns so please use with caution. Blankets, straw or hay should never be used with a baby pig heat mat.


  • Model: 250200