AFA Fogmaster Tri-Jet Fogger




The Tri-Jet Fogger is a quality, portable fogger that offers adjustable output for efficient coverage of large areas.

The foggers are out of stock right now, and not expected in for another 3-4 weeks. You can order one now and keep on the list to ship as soon as they come in, we think they will sell out fast.

Pest and odor control, as well as germicide applications are made easier and more efficient with the Tri-Jet.A two-stage "Tornado" action at the Vortex Venturi nozzles impels fog at velocities required to properly treat large areas. There is virtually no drop in dispersion, as the fog moves away from the nozzles, within prescribed distances.

Adjust fog output from 1/3 of maximum output, up to full maximum output (approx. 5 gallons per hour), by turning the control knob. Both oil-base and water-base emulsions are dispersed with ease. The head adjusts to move fog direction from 27 degrees downward to 40 degree upward from a horizontal position.

Designed for years of dependable, trouble-free operation, the Tri-Jet features nozzles made from CELCON, heavy gauge aluminum head and body and a Five Year factory warranty on maintenance and parts. Continuous duty motor, 110/120VAC, 12" long, 9" in diameter and 15 3/8" high. One-gallon capacity tank. Parts available.

Need more than one... give us a call for special pricing.

  • Model: 6208