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The LF-ONE micro-hydroponic vertical farming unit is made for households, small restaurants, and offices.  It is self-contained hydroponic unit designed to gorw leafy greens and herbs, such as different types of lettuce (from butterhead to romaine), to mesclun, to basil and oregano.  An LF-ONE consists of the physical structure, the trays to grow the crops in, LED lighting fixtures to provide the necessary amounts of light for successful indoor growing as well as the equipment to control the lighting and water circulation.  It aslo comes with a kit to get the growing process started!

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LF-ONE is a completely hydroponic growing system that is easy to assemble and use. The compact and flexible design means you can tailor construction for different growing options and grow a variety of plants indoors without the need for soil.  In fact, the recirculating irrigation system allows you to grow fresh, healthy plants in a much cleaner environment. LF-ONE is not only easy to use, but uniquely designed to limit contamination and algae growth all without the need for pesticides or herbicides.  The result is fresh, clean, and healthy plants that are fun to grow and quick from mini farm-to-table.

LF-ONE is designed to limit contamination and algae growth, all without the need for pesticides or herbicides. A regular lean, clean greens growing machine.


LF-ONE comes equipped with full spectrum white LED lighting that stimulates plant growth and shortens the grow cycle to plant maturity.  The system utilizes 3 main grow lights that simulate natural sunlight.


The bottom shelf of LF-ONE is a specialized nursery planter where seedlings are developed for transplant during the germination process.  Grow up to 80 seedlings at a time and then quickly and easily transplant them into one of three separate grow trays.

Grow Trays

LF-ONE is equipped with 3 separate grow trays, each capable of growing up to 18 plants at a time.  These trays are easy to remove for harvesting and cleaning and are much more convenient and user-friendly than most systems on the market.

Nutrient Tank

You don’t have to be an expert to grow using LF-ONE.  The system also includes a nutrient tank that allows users to pre-program grow preferences and automatically monitor and control fertigation.  This allows for automated nutrient feeds and water circulation at optimal levels, so your plants stay hydrated and healthy. LF-ONE is even designed to allow for optimal airflow, so your plants maintain a healthy and even growth rate.

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