Squeezo Strainer and Sauce Maker with Tomato/Apple Screen


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All Metal Strainer and Sauce Maker - now with one Stainless Steel Screen and Made in the USA!

Squeezo was brought to America by its Italian creator in 1907. By the 1930s, the Squeezo Strainer had become a staple in almost every American home. Used to create old-country tomato sauces and purees and for home canning, over 100 years from creation, this sauce maker still remains the best strainer on the market. The high quality, all-metal Squeezo can be used as a tomato press, to make applesauce, to create fruit juice and so much more. Whether you’re new to pressing foods at home or a seasoned pro, you’ll find using the Squeezo Strainer allows you to produce more juice and purees with less effort than with other strainers. No peeling or coring required! All skin and seeds are discharged into a bowl separate from your sauce or juice.

This is the best way to strain your tomatoes to can sauces and for juice.  Fast and so easy to use. And don't forget you can even make fresh applesauce for canning or for eating right away. Great for people making applesauce for babyfood.  This is the product we use here at Homesteaders Supply!

Yes, the Screen is now 24 guage stainless steel!  The drive shaft is now solid stainless Steel, and the brass bushing in the housing has been replaced with a high quality Acetal bushing making operation even smoother.

Enjoy the durable, easy to clean satin finish housing. It presents a modern, stylish look while retaining the "old style" charm of the Squeezo.

The Squeezo Strainer and Sauce Maker , a great product as it was 25-30 years ago and still made in the USA.

Sorry, there is a backorder on these right now...  they do go fast. 

Free shipping to the lower 48 states only! And, only from Homesteaders Supply, we include the little repair kit which includes the parts that can wear out, a regular price of 15.00! Always be ready to process your produce for years to come!

No peeling or coring is necessary! Simply place your tomatoes, berries, steamed apples or vegetables in the 2 + quart hopper, push the fruit or vegetables into the Squeezo with the wooden plunger, and turn the handle . . . then watch as the sauce and juice pours down the drain tray into your bowl, free of seeds and skins! The seeds and skins are discharged into a separate bowl.

No Plastic Parts to Stain or Retain Odors! The "All Metal" Squeezo has a die-cast aluminum scroll and an aluminum hopper, so it will not discolor, lose its shape or retain odors. The only non-metal parts are a rubber gasket and nylon bushing. All parts are replaceable. We can get you the parts you need! Just give Homesteader's Supply a call!

The Squeezo is made to last a lifetime and is designed to get the most juice and puree with the least amount of effort. In a short period of time, the Squeezo can turn a large harvest into juices, sauces, jams and jellies that can be canned or purees that can be frozen for later use. Great for making baby food too! Not recommended for grapes.

This Standard Squeezo Strainer comes complete with a Stainless Steel Standard Screen for Tomatoes and Applies, a Wooden Plunger, Brush and Recipe / Instructions Booklet.  Check out the Delux Squeezo that comes with 3 stainless screens!

Made in the USA

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