Stainless Steel Stock Pot 10.5 quart





Grand Gourmet series stainless steel stock with a 10 1/2 quart capacity, with a satin polish on the inside and outside and has a mirror finish along the edges. 

The diameter and height are both 9.5 inches, making it ideal for limiting evaporation. 

The stainless steel handles are hollow and tubular for an ergonomic shape that also allows for a stay-cool feature.

This style of pot has a tri-metal layered design at the bottom, stainless steel/aluminum/stainless steel,  which is concave when cold and flat when hot, making it perfect for use on any type of stove, whether gas, electric, glass ceramic or induction.

It is quality made in Italy by Paderno, and will probably last you a lifetime!

NSF approved. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Lid not included (select the 9.5 inch Lid)


  • Model: 11101-24