Modified Whirley-Pop Coffee Roaster

Get back to coffee roasting's roots with the Whirley-Pop style of coffee roasting. Roast anywhere from 1/4 lb. to 1.5 lb. of beans over your stovetop! Keep in mind, this method will produce a bit of smoke and you will need a colander to cool your beans after.

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This unit comes with a 1" dial/5" stem 50-550F thermometer. Each Whirley-Pop unit is drilled so that this thermometer fits right in the lid and the base sets just above the roasting beans - ensuring an accurate temperature reading. Radius of Whirley Pop is 4"

Made from aluminum

How to:

Add about 8 oz to 1 lb green coffee beans just enough to cover bottom of pan and make sure the agitator can move all of them around to get an even roast.

Apply heat at about medium level and regularly turn the circulation knob at the end of the handle. Ideal roasting temperature is about 450F-500F degrees.  NEVER leave your roasting bean unattended as they can burn and possible catch fire.

During the roasting process, the beans will turn from green to yellow to brown and you will hear at crack or popping sound. This is referred to as "The First Crack"  Soon the sound of cracking will slow and the beans will continue to darken at which time you will hear "The Second Crack"   Do not roast beyond this point or the beans will become black and oily.

In the beginning, stop your roast at this second crack. Then on your next roasts, you can experiement with roasting for lighter or darker beans until you find the just the roast for your taste. Different beans have different roast levels.

Once your roast is complete you will need to cool your beans off quickly to stop the roasting process.. Best way is to pour them into a colander and use a fan to blow across them for cooling.   Know that the beans will have a light skin that flakes off during the cooling period and could be blown around, so choose the place for cooling where you can control the dispersement of this "Chaff".  Once they are at room temperature, you will leave them to "de-gas" for 12 to 24 hrs before grinding or using them for brewing.  In fact you will notice that the fresh beans don't really have any scent until after they de-gas. And then you will enjoy that wonderful aroma of your freshly roasted coffee beans. 




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