Automated Teat Sprayer - SupaSpray with Three Drop Points




The SupaSpray Automated Teat Sprayer is powered by the dairy vacuum supply. Its sophisticated power unit housed in lightweight, durable plastic, sits directly on top of the chemical drum, and a flexible chemical pickup tube connects to the filter assembly resting at the base of the drum. The sprayer is an extremely efficient user of the dairy vacuum supply. It will only pump if there is a need to build up pressure. Once the correct pressure is attained it will automatically stop pumping, significantly reducing wear.

  • Unique "semi-immersed" design eliminates problems and reduces down-time
  • Very high performance, very long life
  • Works with most modern dairy chemicals
  • Rugged construction resists wear and tear
  • No springs to break or diaphragms to perforate or leak
  • No priming required, no leakage is possible
  • Minimal installation - just connect vacuum and spray lines, then drop into the neck of the chemical drum
  • Few moving parts make servicing quick, simple and inexpensive
  • Minimal wear - the pump stops when pressure is reached

SupaSpray is capable of spraying most modern dairy chemicals. Unit comes complete with vacuum-operated pump, 3 complete gun drops, 50' of flexible tubing, and all necessary connectors and fittings. A Multi-Adapter is available separately which acts as a straight connector, elbow, "T", blanking end, or Ambic adapter.

We carry all the replacement parts for this product.

  • Model: 248103