Complete Bucket and Claw Assembly for One Cow 55#


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Complete stainless steel 55 # bucket and claw assembly set up for one cow. Bucket holds about 6 gallons.

• It is made from heavy gauge 304 stainless steel, not flimsy, low quality Indian stainless like others use.
• It is a single formed pail which means it's made from 1 piece of stainless so there are no welds to break or leak.
• It has a reinforced bottom ring so it will never wear out.
• It has a thick, full edge reinforced mouth not a rolled edge like others.
• It has a better than grade A polish inside and out.

We sell it with only the best Silicone milk hose with Silicone inflations upgrade! Other suppliers sometimes provide rubber or plastic.

This complete 55 # bucket assembly is ready to milk, just connect to your vacuum source.

1  55 lb. Bucket
1  Bucket Lid
1  Lid Adapter
1  Pulsator
4   DL 06 Shells
4   01A Inflations
4 Air Tubes
1  Westfalia 300 Claw
5' of  5/8" Milk Hose
5'  of 1/4" Twin Vac. Hose
10'  of 1/2' Vac Hose

  • Model: 62485C Silicone

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