Hoegger Machine Bucket Assembly 35# for One Cow



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Already have a Hoegger Milking Machine and need a bucket assembly for one cow?  Then this is what you need.

First though make sure  you have 2 ports on the Hoegger machine pulsator, a must to be able to hook this bucket assembly to the machine so it will work. If you only have one port, then let us know.

This is a complete #35 lb pail assembly which is ready to use on your existing Hoegger vacuum pump (as long as there are two ports on the Hoegger pulsator).  It includes a 35LB standard stainless pail, the BRK claw, Delaval style Lid for fresh cows, Delaval inflations, air tubes and shells and comes with hose to connect to the pump. This is the system desgined with by the manufacturer that will be both functional and economical!  (Please note: this set up will ONLY work with the Hoegger Milk Machine because the pulsator is NOT on this lid, it's on the machine.  Our other bucket assemblies all have the pulsator on the lids.)

Free shipping to the lower 48 states only!

The 35# bucket holds about 4.4 gallons of milk, and is the only one you should use on the Hoegger system.

And we strongly suggest you purchase these special INFLATION PLUGS when using the Hoegger Milk Machine for milking a cow.  By placing them on the inflations, close them, then start the machine, and one at a time open one inflation and attach to teat, and do that with all four. Then milking out your cow will be a breeze! These small machines have one downside, not enough vacuum reserve when all 4 inflations are open to the air.  Makes it hard to then attach them to the teats.  Using our suggested method will make your milking experience fast and efficient and easier on your cow!

  • Model: 62585HC

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