Heavy Duty Vanguard Assembly with Silicone Liners for Goats


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Heavy Duty Vanguard Milking Claw Assembly  for goats is a ready-made milking set-up for one goat.

Assembly includes unvented Vanguard Claw with shut-off, silicone milk tubing, clear milk bend, clear air tubing, two clear silicone liners and two heavy duty  plastic shells.

The Vanguard Goat Claw is a high capacity  lightweight claw which stabilizes vacuum and prevents slugging.  It has a built in shut off emiminating the need for an in-line shut off.

The best aspect of this assembly is the Heavy Duty plastic shells which can withstand much more than standard shells than break much easier especially if milking on cement pad and the goat or the people step on them by accident.

  • Model: 2039001GH