Eco Milker - Portable Milking Machine One Animal


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The New ECO MILKER is a new exciting option for the small farm for a portable milking machine!  Many diarymen love this machine for milking the cows they take off the line.

This Eco Milker kit for ONE animal and includes everything you need for milking, the motor, vacuum pump, pulsator, bucket, and cart.... and now we have included in the price a milking assembly, of which there are three options to fit your needs specifically. Make sure you tell us which type of animal you have so we send you the correct assembly.

This base kit is for One Animal... cow, sheep, or goat,... produces up to 5.95 CFM, the vane pump is oilless (dry) and the motor is 110V, 60hz. 

Included are an Eco-Milker seamless poly bucket, Libero milking lid, L02 Pulsator, vacuum gauge, vacuum regulator, 110VAC 60hz motor and the milking and vacuum tubing, and the claw assembly for the animal you will be milking... cow, sheep or goat. 

This price does not include shipping... Ships by Freight truck, we will call you with the quote for shipping. Or give us a call for shipping, we would love to help you with your order.

Check out the Eco Milker Manual below.

We carry parts for all milking machines... just give us a call!

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