Single Cow Milker Complete

Complete small portable milking set up for one cow.  This is a great option if just milking only one cow at a time.  It is not designed to last milking more than one or two cows, one at a time. It weighs 70 lbs and is easy to use. And just so you know, we can also set you up with a bucket for one or two goats instead of a cow.

Comes with two parts:    Pump and Bucket Assembly!   Ships by Ground UPS.

Designed with shows in mind the 3/4HP Gast pump is perfect for a single bucket milker. Its super compact design makes it easy to take along with you. Uses a regular 110V plug and features an on/off switch built into the cord. The Gast pumps are very quiet and are of top quality. No oil means no mess and cleaner conditions. The stainless steel reserve tank features feet that are drilled to accommodate castors, the large clear window makes it easy to see inside and removes completely for cleaning. Ships regular UPS to avoid costly freight charges.

• 1 Year Warrantee
• No Oil - No Mess
• Stainless Balance Tank
• Super Compact
• 10CFM Gast Vacuum Pump
• Solid Brass Regulating Valve
• Easy To Read Gauge
• Perfect For A Single Bucket
• Made In USA

Complete stainless steel 35# bucket and claw assembly set up for one cow. Bucket holds about 4 gallons. We can get you different size bucket if you want... 55lb (7 gallons)  65lb (8 gallons)  Or buckets set up for Goats or Sheep!   Also know that with backorders these days in some equipment, we can get you the best equipment for your needs, but the bucket assembly might be different that the one in the photo. And know that the price might be a bit different for different equipment, but we will give you the best pricing we can!  If you want something specific, please give us a call.  We can help you get a set up for your specific needs!

• It is made from heavy gauge 304 stainless steel, not flimsy, low quality Indian stainless like others use.
• It is a single formed pail which means it's made from 1 piece of stainless so there are no welds to break or leak.
• It has a reinforced bottom ring so it will never wear out.
• It has a thick, full edge reinforced mouth not a rolled edge like others.
• It has a better than grade A polish inside and out.

This complete 35Lb bucket milker is ready to milk, just connect to your vacuum source.

1  35 lb. Bucket
1  Bucket Lid
1  Lid Adapter
1  Pulsator
4   DL 06 Shells
4   01A Inflations
4 Air Tubes
1  Claw
5' of  5/8" Milk Hose
5'  of 1/4" Twin Vac. Hose
10'  of 1/2' Vac Hose


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