ITP L02 AIR 2-Exit Vacuum Pulsator--60:40




The L02 Air has the same milking performance as the well-known L02 but with 50% more air boost.  The L02 Air grants a uniform, gentle milking in every operating condition with an oversized filtering surface.  The new design permits to clean the air filter with just one finger, without removing the cover.  This makes L02 Air a service free vacuum Pulsator.

Compact and ergonomically rounded for easy handling, the 60/40 ratio, 2-exit L02 Air is simple to install. The L02 Air is adjustable from 50 to 180 ppm over a vacuum range of 35 to 50 kPa (10 to 15 hg), and the rate adjusting screw is positioned for easy access without damage to the pulsator body. The L02 Air is also available in a 4-exit style and several different pulsations.

  • Oversized filtering surface
  • Improved performance
  • Gentle and uniform milking
  • Excellent massage phase
  • Easier to clean air filter
  • Service free

  • Model: 1079001

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