Caprine Feeder for Goats and Sheep - Complete Kit




Caprine Feeder for goats and sheep is a Complete Kit offered only by Homesteaders Supply!

This lamb and goat feeding bucket is the easy way to properly feed lambs and kids.  Just add the milk and watch them come running!  Lid keeps flies, bugs, straw and dirt out of the milk.  After milking your goats and sheep in dairy situation, this is a way to feed the milk back to the little ones!

Complete unit consists of 3.5 gallon polyethylene bucket with lid, ten nipples, ten feeder tubes plus tube-cleaning brush.

Bucket Holder Ring included in this Kit!  Best use tip:  May be welded or bolted to tire rim to elevate bucket, if desired, and to provide non-tip feeder station.

This complete kit also comes with 10 extra feeder tubes, and Ten extra nipples!  This way you will be ready for needed replacements!

Bucket is 10" high with top diameter of 12" and bottom diameter of 10.5".

Lamb / Goat Nipple fits through the 5/8" hole in the Lamb & Goat Feeding Bucket. The nipple features a flange in the back which holds a plastic tube extending down into the milk.


  • Model: CS-123 CS-119 CS-121 CS-120

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