Milk-Kart Submersible Pump & Plumbing Assembly




Submersible Pump & Plumbing Assembly for the 33 Gallon Milk Kart.

See install instructions below.

Parts supplied:1.Switch housing with switch, fuse and wires with blade terminals fitted (1 male and 1 female).2.Pump with two male blade terminals fitted.3.Pump Riser Tube cut to length, fitted to Milk Kart.4.Battery lead with a male plug and two femaleblade terminals.5.Teflon thread tape.6.Insulation tape.7.25mm threaded male elbow.8.Large hose clamp, see steps 11 and 15.9.22mm hose 2.5m long fitted with a top and nozzle. Battery charger, 1.6 amp, 12v.

  • Model: 265-6011