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Bulk Tank Washer that is easy to set up and easy to use.

Easy Installation
The Sunset Washer has become the "old Faithful" of Milk Cooler cleaning and is the industry standard for economical cleaning solutions. Installation is not complicated and can be done between milk pick-ups. Sunset equipment is easily installed on most brands of bulk coolers.

At the flip of a switch, the Automated Bulk Tank Washer accomplishes a dependable, thorough cleaning of agitator and interior surfaces, eliminating many hours of tedious labor. The Stainless Steel Automatic Control Panel is easily set for six cycles of washing, rinsing, and sanitation, and sanitation cycle may be manually delayed for users who wish to sanitize immediately prior to milking.

This simple-to-use washer saves time and labor, controls the use of chemical cleaners and water to eliminate waste, and leaves the tank clean and sanitized for the next milking. This Complete Bulk Tank Washer System has a 65 GPM capacity and includes Stainless Steel control panel, jacketed pump with 1 HP motor (3450 RPM, 115V), and all necessary hoses, adapters, spinner and drain.

Features include:
• Fits all standard milk coolers
• Fits 1.5" & 2" Milk tank connections
• True 6 Cycle washer
• 65 GPM jacket protected pump
• 1 HP, 3450 RPM, 115/230V motor
• Stainless steel controller with signal light
• Adjustable spinner
• Fully automatic washing at the flip of a switch.

Complete Washer package includes:
• Controller including drain solenoid box
• 1 HP Motor and Pump assembly
• 2 Black inlet hoses, Fill & Suction hoses
• Drain Valve
• Spinner assembly
• Jars

  • Model: 62612