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Milk Cab Pasteurizer


The MilkCab pasteurizer, a new product now available from the same reputable company that manufactures the Milk Plan Cooling Tank!  It is considered to be the ideal solution for the feeding of calves with either milk or milk replacer. The advantages of using pasteurized milk for feeding calves are numerous and contribute both to the health of the young animal and savings to the producer of both time and money. Raw milk has much larger concentrations of protein and fat and is better absorbed by the calf, compared to a common milk replacer. This results in faster growth and earlier weaning of the calf. The MilkCab has a friendly easy to use 4.3" touch screen for simple operation by any user.

These are purchased by special order only. Due to the various models and options you can get specifically for your needs, we need to place each order individually. Call us to discuss your needs!

There are 2 sizes available 200 Liter (52 Gallons) and 300 Liter (79 Gallons) both have several available options. The base unit has a single speed agitator paddle for gentle stirring of Milk and Colostrum during the cycles. The 2 Speed model has a dual paddle agitator, slow for the stirring of Milk and Colostrum and a high speed for mixing replacer at the correct speed. All models are available on either the sturdy 3 wheel chassis or the even more durable 4 wheel chassis for seriously rough ground.
Pasteurization of Colostrum and Milk is easy as filling the tank to the desired capacity connecting the hot and clod water hoses and pushing the start button, the unit is completely pre-programmed and is totally adjustable by the user. The MilkCab heats the Milk or Colostrum to the programmed temperature and holds it there during pasteurization then the MilkCab automatically cools the milk to your desired temperature.  
Milk Replacer mixing is as simple as filling the MilkCab with water and powder and pressing the "Mix" button on the touch screen. With the MilkCab, replacer is mixed uniformly while, at the same time, it is pasteurized before the feeding, thus protecting from germs and illnesses.
Other Features Include:
Clever tank design
Heat exchanger at the sidewall and at the bottom of the tank for quicker heating of the milk.
The bottom of the tank is designed for full draining of the milk.
Spring assisted lid for easy opening and a holding system with stainless springs.
Excellent thermal insulation of the tank
Milk tank made of stainless steel (AISI 304) insulated with high density polyurethane foam for temperature maintenance and energy saving.
Ergonomic construction
The quick connectors for water and power supply are designed to ensure easy use and practical connection with the panel.
Stainless electrical panel enclosure
Provides excelent protection of electric components extending service life.
Locking cover
The locking cover seals the lid and prevents milk loss while driving on bumpy ground.

This item will ship via TRUCK please call to get a shipping quote BEFORE you order. Financing is available on this product!

Photo Descriptions  Check out the extra photos, see the manual below, and Watch the video below to see how this great product can assist you!

1.  Touch screen

All MilkCab functions are controlled through the color touch screen 4.3’’ for easier navigation.
The MilkCab comes pre-programmed for quick start up however its 100% programmable so you can customize every cycle to your exact needs.

Software, Menu & Navigation

The MilkCab software ensures the full control and automation of all operating procedures, from pasteurization to feeding (milk temperature control, entry of the feeding amount to the system, automatic start/pause, etc.) Navigation is simple, carried out in a user-friendly interface and the menu is fully upgradeable and available in any language.

2. Feeding Hose

Practical design of the feeding hose with the use of a dosimeter for the regulation of the exact quantity of feeding.

3. Milk measurement

Engraved gradation at the inner wall of the tank for easy milk measurement.

4. Agitator

The MilkCab is equipped with a single paddle for the stirring of milk/colostrum or with a double mixer for the mixing of powder. It has a dual speed motor,a slower speed for pasteurization and a quicker speed for mixing powder.

5. Movement

Raised tank with big wheels for easy movement on rough ground, equipped with a powerful electric motor. (Long battery charge that exceeds 3 hours of constant driving).

6. Steering paddles

All models feature intuitive paddles for effortless steering. A brake is also placed at the front wheel for excellent stopping power, there is also an emergency stop button.


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